Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Building Blocks

Hello everyone!  It was another lovely fall day here in Calgary, bright sky, cool wind, and a touch of frost in the morning.  A perfect day to snuggle up in a quilt with a good book - if only I had a good book!  Or, a perfect day to go out and try something new, like painting pottery.  I spent a few hours this afternoon at the local pottery studio with a friend. I am trying to take one day a week to do something new or different.  I call it an artist's date, for those of you who are familiar with Julia Cameron's 'The Artist's Way.'  There are many who credit this book with helping them overcome self-doubt in their artistic pursuits.  I read it years ago and the one thing I truly enjoyed was the idea of the artist's date.

Anyhoo....I made some progress on my latest project today.  It is meant to be a lap quilt, so will not be too large and should not take too long to put together.


A group of strips sewn together.  I cut them 3.5 inches wide and was able to get 5 segments from each (and a little left over for my scrap basket).
Each strip was sewn to a chocolate brown rectangle.  I refer to them as building blocks.

The colours are brighter than they appear in the photos, but here you get a sense of the variety and the way the colours work together.


  1. Those fabrics look great - they look like very warm fall colours! I like the way you've positioned them, the pattern makes me think of a plaid for some reason haha

    Love Victoria xoxo

  2. Those fabrics are really working nicely together. It is always fun to see the progression from the stack of fabric to the finished project.

    You have been busy!

  3. Hello from another Alberta Quilter!
    Those colors look so yummy together. This will make a lovely quilt!


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