Monday, November 29, 2010

Keeping it simple

Hello everyone!  I'd like to extend a great big welcome to Lisa, thank you for joining us!

My wrist is acting up again, so haven't been doing anything much on the quilting front but I did put up a few more of the Christmas decorations this weekend.  I'm keeping it simple this year as once the new year arrives we will be super busy with renovations, putting the house on the market and then moving into the new house, as well as moving DD from Montreal and then on to England - phew, I'm tired already just thinking about it!


The mantel is done, like I said I'm keeping it simple this year.

I added two of my santa's and used two medium-sized glass vases filled with non-breakable ornaments then wound two strings of silk holly leaves around everything.

This rolly-polly Santa makes me laugh - he's so jolly you can't help but smile when you see him.  I purchased him at the Festival of Crafts two years ago and the woman who makes them had a booth full of santa's, snowmen, elves and mice, it was so cheerful!

A few of my snowmen, tucked away in a corner on the piano this year.

The tall santa on the left was hand carved by an artisan in Quebec, I keep him out all year in my sewing room with a few of my other favourite santas.  The santa on the right is a candle from Pottery Barn - love their candles, but sooo expensive.

A few little figurines from my childhood - does anyone else remember these?  My mother would take my little brother and I to Montreal to see the Christmas decorations and she always bought us a small figurine as a memento. 

Our mini tree is set up in the foyer.

Here are two beautiful candles I purchased at Pottery Barn two years ago, it was a splurge but were well worth it...'s another look without the flash from the camera, that gives a better idea of what they look like.


  1. It's looking very festive. I especially like those snowman in the piano corner.

  2. The decorations look great! The Santas all look very merry - I can't wait to come home and see them!

    Victoria xoxo

  3. Your decorations look terrific! I am a snowman collector and just today I started putting them out for the season. I keep them out until Spring. I find it helps to brighten up our loooong Cdn winters!

  4. Great decorations! The figurines are adorable and how fortunate you are to still have them. Jean


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