Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another project coming along

Hello everyone!  I'd like to welcome Maria Regina, thank you for joining us! 

I pulled out the Robyn Pandolph, Canadian Cottage blocks I had and decided to put them together.  It's not that I had a burning desire to finish this project, rather, I'm avoiding having to work on my Cool Blues project - lol!  I'm just not feeling it for the blue and whites right now, so time to finish up a few other projects in the meantime. 

These are the blocks I made this past summer, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do with them, but set them aside to work on something else.

I added sashing and cornerstones and had originally planned on having stars in the sashing....but am not really loving the look of

Took a closer photo of the square to see if I liked that on its own...maybe I could add plain squares in an alternating pattern...but I wasn't crazy about that idea either....

I asked myself, what if I put all the squares together, creating a larger medallion and took the sashing and used them as borders?  Mmmh, not bad, am liking this so far...

Add some of the cornerstones to the border for interest...

Voila - done for now.  Another border will go on tomorrow.  And maybe some applique can spice it up a little...will have to give that a little more thought.

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